Overdrive Spotify Overlay

I recently made the decision to switch my stream overlays. I decided on the Overdrive package from NerdOrDie. I love that they have options to customize a lot of the package built in which allowed me to use my own colors and text.

One issue I ran into though was that my overlay for music really didn't match anymore...

Old spotify widget

I loved the goal bar and decided to see if I could modify it to replace the one I built using the tuna plugin for OBS. This is the end result:

Demo of new spotify widget

I think it works great!

The overdrive package included some overlays built into the streamelements platform. A pretty powerful option in streamelements is modifying the code directly. I pulled the code and originally was going to just use the tuna files for the song info and progress. Unfortunately they didn't update the way I wanted. So I decided to pull directly from the spotify api.

This is where the bulk of the work went. Once that was done I made some minor adjustments (like scrolling the song info) and called it done.

Demo timelapse of new spotify widget

Unfortunately, I cannot show the code at this time since I don't own the Overdrive assets and there are some extra spotify steps involved. Best case scenario would be to work with NerdOrDie to incorporate this into their package, but for now I will just enjoy my unique overlay.