My Impossible List

Do you ever daydream about all the incredible things you'd love to achieve in your lifetime? Whether it is launching a new business, learning a new skill, or finally getting out to see the places you have always dreamed of, we all have what can seem like lofty aspirations that never become a reality. But what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way?

Enter The Impossible List. The concept redefines how we set and achieve our life goals. Unlike the traditional bucket list, an impossible list is a dynamic, evolving document of your personal growth and ambitions.

But it isn't just about setting unrealistic targets; it's about breaking them down into actionable steps, creating a roadmap to success, and looking back at the journey.

Below is my impossible list. I publish it to hold myself accountable and as a motivator to continue to grow.

I was inspired to create this list by College Info Geek so check them out for more!


  • Develop a game
    • Complete development of AsteroidsJS (v1.0: Feb 2020)
    • Complete a Game Jam
    • Develop a game with Unity
  • Publish a game on Steam
    • Get 100 wishlists
  • Develop a Minecraft Mod
  • Develop my own website (You are here already!)
  • Get AWS Certified
    • Cloud Practitioner
    • Developer
  • Go remote (03/2020 Thanks covid…)
  • Get a job as a developer (08/2022)


  • Learn Blender
    • Create a 3D scene from scratch
    • Create a 3D Character from scratch
    • Create a 3D Map Render
  • Learn Pixel Art
    • Create a 2D scene from scratch
    • Create a 2D Sprite
    • Create a 2D animation
  • Make Minecraft Videos
    • Redstone
      • Logic Gates
      • Arithmatics
      • Switching
      • ALU
      • Memory
      • Processor
    • SMP Build
    • Mod Challenge
  • Have a channel with 100 followers (@dakotacraft_ 01/2023)
    • 1000
    • 10000
  • Get affiliate on Twitch (04/2021 @nl_dakota)


  • Pay off Debt
    • Pay off CC Debt
    • Pay off Student Loans
  • Own my home
  • Travel
    • US
      • West Coast
      • Rocky Mountains
      • New York City
    • International
      • Japan
      • Europe
  • Reading
    • Read the entire Bible
      • In a single year
    • Read 5 books in a year (2022)
      • 12 books in a year (2022)
  • Fitness
  • Play every game in my Steam library
  • Give $10000 away in a year
  • Complete the Whole 30 (Jan 2020)