Blitz Mode for ChatGuessr

I made a new mode for ChatGuessr.

I have joked about making a new mode for a while now, but I recently decided to actually do it. This is Blitz Mode.

Demo playing custom blitz mode in chatguessr

The rules are pretty simple: 1 min rounds with unlimited guesses + a 5 second cooldown.

My goal was a fast paced game mode that would potentially be easier for beginners. Not sure how to find where you are with clues? Now you can just take a shot and make adjustments. Seasoned pro? Use the extra guesses to nail the exact location as quickly as possible.

The first stream was a great success. A few players found a good strategy and were getting 0m guesses in no time. There were even a few great moments where a last second guess won the round.

Modifying the game files wasn't too hard. With some digging I discovered Chatguessr was built using electron. So in a few steps I had some familiar JS to work with.

Some code for the new blitz mode

After that, I changed basically duplicated the multiguess option to add some extra logic. I also changed the scoreboard slightly to make sure people had the extra info to make the next guesses.

This was the first experiment into custom modes with Chatguessr. My hope is to dig in and make more advanced modes next.